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Why you should rent a car in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great travel destination, one of the best spot in Central America for surfing, travel adventure and nature – Discovering Costa Rica using public transportation couldn’t be the best choice since your schedule will depend on the time of those companies. 

As a Costa Rica Car rental, we talk every day with a lot of travelers and one of the most current mentions is that public bus isn’t the best option if you are planning to discover Costa Rica, private transportation could be ok however it could be very expensive since you will have to pay for a private diver.

Renting a car in Costa Rica isn’t expensive

One of our biggest goals at Toyota Car Rental provides a high-quality car at a competitive rate. For example, let’s suppose that you’re going to visit Guanacaste Costa Rica, you may need a 4x4 car. You could rent a Toyota Rav4 4X4 which is a great choice, you will be able to drive on difficult roads in that way with an option to install a Roof Rack ($3 per day).

The price per day is very convenient since you will have to pay $88 + tax per day, it’s cheaper than hire a private diver and you can plan your own schedule, you can take a look on our best car rentals from the following link [Costa Rica Car Rental Option]

Never Stop. Discover Costa Rica

One of the best reasons to rent a car in Costa Rica is the opportunity to plan your vacation in your own way. If you heard about an interesting place such as Manuel Antonio Park, Tarcoles Crocodile Rive or Arenal Volcano you can visit at any time just turn the GPS on and let’s go!


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